The Symbol With the Secret Meaning

The Artrisk Symbol I've been using in social media posts and my logo has a secret meaning.

Before I reveal that meaning however, let me first give you some background and context.

I created the Artrisk in the ninth grade as part of the artwork and design I was creating for the science fiction novel I was working on with the hope of becoming a published author.

The Artrisk is a variation of the symbol I created as the insignia for the pilots/soldiers in the protagonist army of my book, The Anthro Legion. (1st image below, left hand side.)

The symbol I created for the main protagonist and leader of The Anthro Legion, I quickly abandoned when I discovered that it was the exact same sign as the symbol used for the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan currencies. (1st image below, right hand side.)

Anthro Legion Pilot/Soldier uniform on the left.
Anthrol Legion Leader, Vince Anthro with the abandoned symbol on the right.

The Artrisk was also the basis of the design for the Slywing Space Fighter Craft. (Image below)

The Slywing Space Fighter Craft that was created as a visual tie-in to the Artrisk military symbol.

Before finishing my first draft of the book however, I took one of those standardized tests and according to that test, I was in the 50th to 60th percentile in written and verbal skills.

The negative messaging I kept receiving eventually wore me down to the point of abandoning the idea of being a novelist.

The next year in school, I latched on to music and packed all my notes, drawings and pages from my novel away, which is where it stayed until years later, I found myself on my own after an ugly breakup from a creative and business partner in music.

I maintained ownership of the name Artistic Agenda, but needed new branding and I didn't have the money to hire a new designer to create my new logo.

I was reinventing myself for about the tenth time, but the one constant in the way I showed up in every creative version of myself, was that I always put deep meaning into what I created, even when I didn't share what that meaning was to the public.

I resurrected the Artrisk symbol for my logo and turned it slightly counterclockwise to avoid symbolic connection to the similarly designed pentagram and set it inside a shield. (Image below.)

The symbol gained its meaning by being part of the very first creative project I undertook. It's a connection to where my journey as a creator began, even as I push forward.

Every time I use it as a stamp on my social media posts, it's a reminder both to me and to you that none of our experiences, especially the bad ones need to go to waste. We just have to figure out how to re-frame them to serve us.

As for the effects of that standardized test that I once let rob me of my ambition, I made a return to writing and used the Artrisk as part of my logo which it appeared in the front matter of the first book I self-published, Regret in Triptych.

The book won a Global Ebook Award in 2011.