My Guest Appearance on The Muse Evolution Podcast

I'm not gonna lie,

I'm really about over with how little I'm able to actually socialize in person with people. I'm still wearing a mask and still keep my time indoors with people I don't live with to a minimum, but sometimes it feels like a part of me is atrophying.

Okay, the part that's suffering the most is my sarcasm, but that's still an important part as far as I'm concerned. 

In any case, I'm a social creature, so my guest appearance on The Muse Evolution Podcast was a welcomed experience.

Yeah, we get into my backstory a bit, but there's laughter, there's two creative minds musing on life, creativity and madness.

Both John Rushing Jr. and myself had a great time filming the episode and I hope you check it out.

NOTE if watching the video that the host, John Rushing Jr. is a fine art nude photographer, so if you watch the video of the interview and want to bypass the ads with nude images, skip to 2 minutes, 5 seconds into the episode.

At the end of the VIDEO interview (you'll know you're at the end because John says, "I'll see you soon"), you can bypass another ad of fine art nudes by skipping to 1 hour, 14 minutes in, you can hear my latest music single "Am I Alone" and see some of my work including some of my If We Were a Love Song Collection

Here are audio only links if you prefer to just listen without the visuals:
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