I Probably Shouldn’t Admit This, But…

Hey Explorer,

They say the best lies have a good amount of truth in them.

So, if I’m going to tell you beautifully constructed lies in my fiction book, The Gospel of Wolves, it’s only natural that I draw from my own experiences and introduce you to some of my previous lives. (Not referring to reincarnation, but to prior passions of mine.

In the case of The Gospel Of Wolves, I bring you into the story with the following opening:

“The first dream I watched die appeared to have every reason to live. It chose not to though. Or rather the person who owned it, chose not to keep it alive.

The dream’s owner was named Evan Wilkie, and when I first met him, he was a Caucasian version of L.L. Cool J., meaning that he had a fondness for fashion forward track suits, and kept his shaved head covered with a Kangol hat.”

In real life, the guy I’ve dressed up as Evan (from here on out, let’s just call him, Dude), had a greater resemblance to Lurch, from The Addams Family.

No. That isn’t a dis. Dude accepted it and was often Lurch for Halloween because, according to him, it was such as easy look for him to pull off. 

The LL Cool J part was really about concealing Dude’s identity without putting hair on the top of his head. After all, I used large swathes of our history together.

We really did meet during a pre-production meeting on an independent film where he was the cinematographer and I was doing sound. Like in The Gospel of Wolves, Dude and  the writer / director fought constantly on set because “One Take Warren” kept accepting inferior takes in Dude’s opinion.

And if you haven’t already figured it out, the first dream I watched die, really did belong to Dude.

What you’re reading in The Gospel of Wolves is a dressed up account of Dude’s and my friendship. It captures my experience watching the slow process of Dude losing faith in his considerable talent, moving to Portland, Oregon, to take yearbook photos of junior high and high school students, all while despising the success of Michael Bay, who criticized all of Dude’s projects in film school.

About all I left out was that towards the end of shooting, I was pulled in front of the camera to play a mentally challenged adult with a brief speaking line followed by two other characters laughing at me. It was the first of two independent films I played a role in.

When I met Dude, the idea of writing a novel wasn’t even a consideration. I was just trying to back door my way into some soundtrack work since I was a songwriter with a modest recording setup in my bedroom. By pursuing my one passion, I began exploring some of my other curiosities and unintentionally started acquiring new and interesting experiences.

All in all, I spent a few weeks as a boom operator, which would later help me become a crew member on another independent film that spawned me playing a fun role as a Cuban, womanizing mercenary working off a debt to a mob boss, that precipitated me writing and directing my own independent short comedy starring coworkers at my day job.

That last film premiered at our department’s Christmas party where I got to experience the dread of sitting in the room with my audience hoping my movie didn’t flop and the joy of a room full of laughter at jokes I wrote, in a film I shot, directed, edited and created a soundtrack for.

The thing is, at no point was I interested in going pro with any of that stuff. I had just enough work ethic and talent to pull off all these rich experiences because they sounded like fun. It turned out that each of them were a lot of fun!

In the end, those experiences gave me valuable insights into an area I do want to go pro with, fiction writing.

It’s with this idea I mind, that I conceived of my 5 Day Find Your Passion Challenge. The goal is to explore what you’re curious about and provide you support and guidance along the way. 

Yes, this might lead you towards bigger life goals and maybe even your purpose in life, but for those five days, the quick and easy steps I’ll be providing you are meant only to tap into that inner spark that lights you up and makes you excited about your life.

There’s so much uncertainty going on these days and this is an opportunity for you to explore an area of your life where you have some control in a space with someone who’s navigated countless curiosities and their impact on relationships both internal (how the experiences affected my self-image) and external (how they affected my relationships).

Even if you’ve figured yourself out to good degree, you might find a few new insights into yourself and your process.

The challenge begins Monday, September 13.

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