How Aspirations Can Affect Our Relationships

When you have dreams, you hope that your loved ones will come alongside you and help you achieve them. This is especially true in a romantic relationship. Sometimes, your aspirations will align, and things will be smooth sailing. Other times, you may feel like you are on opposite ends of the universe with no way to meet in the middle.

It is possible to support each other in your respective pursuits. It takes some patience and open communication, but it is doable when you understand how aspirations can affect your relationship.

Relationships vs. Aspirations: How They Affect Each Other

It is vital to understand that your goals, dreams, and aspirations will ebb and flow just likeyour live life. They will also affect your relationships and vice versa. Consider how relationships and aspirations affect each other as you build your future:

  1. Love has a way of distracting you: If you’re still dating, new romantic opportunities can you keep you busy with dates and fun activities. This is natural, but it can also stop or dilute your commitment to write or paint daily, for example. You may even skip class or networking events so that you can be with your new love interest.

If you’re already in a committed relationship, working towards your aspirations can create feelings in your partner that you’re becoming someone they don’t know or understand.

It’s highly important to keep lines of communication open and even enlist the help of a professional couples therapist if necessary to preserve what you have and navigate towards a shared idea for your future.

A few topics of conversation to consider include (but are not limited to):

  1. Why it is important to you to pursue your aspirations
  2. What you hope to gain through your chasing your aspirations 
  3. Where your significant other fits in your vision for the future

In my case, the conversations have been consistent over the years. It isn’t a single sit down that irons it all out.

The time and effort that goes into expanding your skills, your network, and your ability to spot and act on opportunities is significant, but it is definitely worth it.

  1. You may forgo your dreams so they can pursue theirs. It’s not a bad thing to support your significant other as they aim for their goals. What may cause issues is if you are not offered the same support.

If at all possible, my suggestion here is to find some sort of compromise where both you and your significant other can set on your paths towards your aspirations.

Even if it appears impossible, if you both commit to your commitment to supporting one another, you can both make it through the tough times together. 

I’m going to say that again, because it isn’t a typo. Commit to your commitment to supporting one another. By committing to your commitment to your significant other, you’re placing value on your word and holding yourself accountable to not giving up on each other.

This is an important distinction from simply honoring your commitment to your partner because the focus is on factors you control. You can’t control your partner and when things get tough, psychologically, it’s a lot easier to excuse to that person than it is to back off from your word.

  1. Your dreams may change in ways you never thought of: As you grow in your relationship, you may find that you and your partner share goals and ideals. For example, you may want a strong family unit, so you can set down roots and have children.
  2. You forget your aspirations because life is too comfortable: Let’s say you want to build an online business, but you find your evenings filled with cuddling in front of the television instead. Hard work sometimes means deciding to forgo the couch.
  3. Your partner may not understand what you’re doing or may be jealous of your growth: It is possible that when you decide to refocus on your aspirations, your partner may feel left out. This can lead to jealousy and possibly a rift in your relationship. It’s vital to support each other and communicate openly to ensure you remain a couple.

Relationships and aspirations can work together when you know what you are up against. Enjoy both by keeping your focus, encouraging each other to pursue interests, and communicating openly. Soon, you will both be on top of the world as an unstoppable force.

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